A new month is a time for new things – which can include sex.

Whether it’s bringing the spark back to a stale bedroom or trying something different for shits and giggles, there are literally hundreds of new sex positions to choose from.


While things like the “helicopter” might bring you bragging rights, for most people, it will probably result in a trip to the chiropractor or hospital. So, here are some more gentle (but still fun) options for you to experiment with – one new one for each month of the year. First and foremost though, if you’re wearing long-term chastity cage, remove it and feel the freedom. This way, it will acclimate you to the heat of the moment. Making a comeback sex is one of the ways you can use chastity to make her scream!


SIDE NOTE: Rather than saying “man/woman” for the logistics of each position, I’m going to say the “giver/receiver”. We don’t exclude same-sex couples here.




WHAT: Also known as the Coital Alignment Technique or “CAT”. There are long-ass paragraphs explaining each step to each movement. Honestly, the entire thing ends up reading like a pretty bland medical essay, so here’s the basic rub…

HOW: Start in a basic missionary, but the Giver leans upward and rocks back and forth instead of thrusting up and down. If you still don’t understand what’s going on, just remember, you’re using your pelvis to maintain the back-and-forth contact with the Receiver’s clit.

WHY: Most women can’t reach orgasm with internal stimulation – they need clitoral attention. This way, you both share in the pleasure.


2. THE “T”



WHAT: Sometimes called “Afternoon Delight” (although it sounds like a kind of tea brand).

HOW: The Giver lays on their side. The Receiver lays on their back at a 90-degree angle, legs draped over their partner’s body – essentially creating a T shape.

WHY: It’s great if you have little to energy but are still randy or you want to play for a long time. It’s also great if you want to experiment with anal.





HUH?  Okay, there are so many variants of this position that to name all the aliases would get confusing. There are also different names if the “woman” is on top sitting straight vs bending forwards vs turned around. Jeez.

HOW: Let’s keep things simple. The Giver lays on their back, phallus ready. The Receiver sits astride, and, if your joints can take it, lean back.

WHY: You’ll have better access to play with sex toys, clit stimulation, or different sensations while thrusting. Great if one partner has more energy than the other.





HUH? Sort of a Reverse Cowgirl idea, but with a few tweaks.

HOW? The Giver sits with legs outstretched (putting weight on either both hands or one, if you want something free to fondle with). The receiver sits on top but facing away. The tweaks? The Receiver leans forward into what’s pretty much the bottom part of a doggy style.

WHY? Better control for the top participate. Also good if one person has more energy.




HUH?: The name is irrelevant, I just made it up (and the original title “the cross” brought up SO many different positions).

HOW: It’s easier just to look at a picture… BUT, take notice of the leg that’s tucked up and the near “scissor” position the couple is in.

WHY: The tucked leg allows the Giver to hold on and have better control of the thrusting. The scissoring is good if the Receiver has flexibility issues, especially around the hips.





GUH? One of the handful of positions that uses the same name across any book or article … or you end up with military hardware in your search results. A multi-tasking position that’s definitely worth a try.

HOW: Receiver on their back, legs tucked into their chest (or as close as possible). Giver gets on their knees, puts Receiver’s feet in his/her chest, and penetrates.

WHY: Both parties have ample control over speed and thrusting. Great for G-spot targeting or those with shorter penises or dildo strap-ons.




WHAT? Another Kama Sutra name that makes no sense. But I do dig this position even though it requires some maneuvering to get into it.

HOW: Giver sits, legs extended. Receiver lays on their back, legs apart, knees bent, and the Receiver between his/her legs.

WHY: A relaxing position that leaves the Receiver’s hands (and mouth) free to do anything and everything – including wrapping their arms around the Giver’s hips, lifting, and engaging in some fantastic penetration.




WHAT: Think doggy style but with a pinch of scissoring and a tad more bending. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want.

HOW: Version one is like doggy style, but the tweak is the Giver only puts one knee between the Receiver’s legs (instead of both in between or outside). Version tow, the Receiver puts themselves into a frog or “Sphinx” crouch. The Giver can instead lean forward until they are nearly laying down.

WHY: Great for deep penetration. But the Giver will get tired faster than other positions.




WHAT: You don’t have to spend all your sexy tie laying down. Get freaky while standing up.

HOW: Both parties stand up, Giver facing away from the Receiver, who wrapped their arms around their partner and penetrates from behind.

WHY: Different sensations mixed with the intimacy of an embrace.




WHAT: This is one naming convention I can get behind because it actually tells you how to do it. The one catch is this position works best if both people are relatively the same height.

HOW: Both parties get on one knee but mirroring each other (so if the Giver is down on their right knee, the Receiver is on their left). Maneuver into penetration and enjoy.

WHY: Just to try something new.





WHAT: Time to make use of your kitchen table or similarly tall and flat surfaces.

HOW: Receiver lays on an (e.g.) table with their butt near the edge. Giver gets in between the Receiver’s legs and penetrates.

WHY: Intense pleasure possibilities. Hands are free for other stimulation. If the Giver has knee issues, standing can sometimes be easier on their legs. Also, this position is great if the Receiver is a woman and she can squeeze her Kegel muscles.




WHAT: Make use of more furniture in your home.

HOW: Find a stool or. The Giver sits, and the Receiver sits on the erection or dildo while facing their partner. BUT, you’ll need something the right height – enough that the person on top can plant their feet firmly on the floor.

WHY: Gives you a fantastic workout and facing your lover is always intimate (aka lots of kissing).


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


What sexy things do you do for the new year? Share in the comments!