Getting into BDSM requires a lot of courage. While we always tell people that there is nothing to be scared of, we perfectly understand how something new could be a little bit scary. That’s something we would like to change. is a collaborative effort of the pioneers of the BDSM culture and its fans. We want to educate more people who are thinking about getting into this kink that intimacy and care are the cores of BDSM. Contrary to what other people see on its facade, BDSM allows you to communicate with your partner. It also allows you to get to know each other, and that your vulnerability is rewarded by warm aftercare.

Martin San Luis, the owner and lead writer of this website started a daily journal of his BDSM experiences. His notes also include people that he had met as he discovers the cores of BDSM, He understands the people’s skepticism about BDSM, and he felt the need to educate. To make things easier, he launched this website as his passion project. With the help of some of his friends from different BDSM groups, they created a content plan that tackles the very core of BDSM.

Fast forward to today, still aims to change the facade of what people know about BDSM. Instead of focusing on BDSM practices, we focus on the purpose of each step. We will take about how it brings joy, love, promotes communication, and many more benefits. We will make it easy for you.

We have a very supportive community that is willing to share their experiences through featured content. Our generous sponsors also allow us to review upcoming products that we think are relevant and bring value to the community. We encourage healthy discussions among our readers, and we would also love to read your stories, so do not hesitate to send them to us via our contact us page.