is a blog that centers its focus on BDSM culture. It also aims for us to act like a crowd of people all agreeing with each other, often knowing that the definition we are ‘signing up’ for is not at all who we are.  It is the belief that if we all say the same thing and do the same thing—then we will survive.  Mostly, it is painted in the reverse as “if we don’t all do the same thing, we will die.”  We are pretending to be the same, and we know that we are not.  Violence, fear, shame, doubt, and neglect are the fruits of this pretense.

We assert that BDSM culture is not only the best option available. We have something much more cohesive available—our shared humanity and imagination.  It is our greatest strength, and a vast reserve of it still lies untapped.

We may all different opinions to answer the question of “Who am I?”  For us to take that answer, and discard it for the answer society wants us to use, costs us as individuals.  It costs us our chance to give our very best to the organization.  It requires society too—our neighbors and friends miss out on knowing our very best and most honest selves.