Do men use dildos? Well, it’s true that dildos are especially a favorite of women but men use dildos too. And by men, we don’t mean just gay or homosexual men. A lot of straight male swear by dildos when it sex toy plays. Yes, you heard it right. While dildos are great for G-spot stimulation, these are excellent for a fulfilling anal play as well. Then, men also use dildos for prostate stimulation that reward them with a panoramic orgasmic pleasure.

What dildos do men use?

Men generally use two types of dildos. One is anal dildo and the other is double ended dildo.

Anal dildo

Anal dildos are somewhat different from regular dildos as they are specifically designed for anal use. These are slimmer in comparison to other dildos to allow easy penetration into the anal region. Moreover, a flared base is another important characteristic feature of an anal dildo. The flared base assures security and ensures the toy doesn’t get lost inside the body. It’s hard to find anal dildo in dildo section. Instead, you will usually find an anal dildo in anal toy zones.

Double ended dildo

As the name says, a double ended dildo is a one that comes with two ends. These dildos are mostly common with lesbian women but men can use them too. If you are a man, you can use it alone, with a woman or with another man. When you are using it with a man, both of you can enjoy a fulfilling anal play thanks to the dual ends. If you are using with a woman, you can insert one end in your anus and another in her vagina or anus. It’s true that women are in a better place to explore double ended dildo but men too can have an awesome time with it.

You have double ended dildos with vibrators too which will be especially wonderful when you are with a female partner.

Understand the right size

The size of a dildo plays a great role in determining your experience and safety with the dildo. The perfect one will be neither too big nor too little. The classic cucumber test will be handy here. But you have to cucumbers in various sizes. Peel them up & wrap them in condom. Now, insert each one of them one by one and see which one feels the most comfortable. The one which is more satisfying is the size that you want for your dildo. On an average, a dildo with 5” length and 1.5” thickness will be great especially if you are a beginner.

Know the materials

Anal and double ended dildos are available in various materials. It’s important to have a fair understanding of the different materials before you go out to buy a one.


If you want an affordable option, jelly dildos will be the thing for you. These are extremely flexible and are excellent especially when you are beginner. But, it’s to not here that jelly is a porous material and hence slightly tough to clean. You can start your dildo journey with a jelly dildo and then gradually shift to other hard nonporous materials.

Cyberskin or softskin

If you are looking for a realistic feel with your dildo, it’s better to go for Cyberskin/Softskin toys. It’s wonderfully a realistic material which comes with the perfect mix of flexibility and firmness to emulate the ideal feel of a penis. So, if you are really missing your partner, a realistic cyberskin dildo will make your day. But once again, the cyberskin option is porous and it’s best to wrap it in condom while using it.


Glass dildos are made from borosilicate glass and are extremely hardy and lasting. thanks to their robust and firm design, glass toys are just the thing you need when you want a solid thrust on your back.  Then, glass dildos embody a smooth surface which makes them really convenient for easy insertion. On top of that, glass dildos can be used both cold and hot. You will glad to know, glass dildos are always easily cleanable. So, if you want a solid, powerful and no-fuss anal dildo, glass will be a great option.


Similar to glass options, metal ones too are excellent for solid thrust on your anal region. Their super smooth surface always assures convenient penetration. But since metals are heavy, it’s better to use them once you get familiar with the game.


Dildos made with silicon are undoubtedly the most popular. Silicone is flexible, non-toxic and fast adapts to user’s body temperature and ensures a wonderful experience. Most importantly, these are the safest of all dildos, making it also as the popular dildo for female travelers.

Curved dildos

As mentioned previously, men use dildos mostly for anal fun and prostate stimulation. Thus, when you are a man looking for a dildo, it’s better to go for a one with curved shape. The curved part assures easier reach to prostate gland so that you can relish an amazing stimulation in a jiffy.

Finally, always make sure to buy your dildo from a reputed adult toy shop.