What One Dominant Thinks About

This week, we took topic ideas from our kinky patrons on Patreon, and several asked questions about what Dominants are thinking about at different times. Since we can’t speak for all Dominants, we decided to share what a single, specific Dominant is thinking — this episode is a peek in John Brownstone’s head.

Princess Kali Returns

Kali is back and we catch up after years to discuss what she’s been up to, her latest projects, many areas of kink education and of course her work on erotic humiliation.

Green Flags

Back in November 2017, we did a whole episode on Red Flags, what negative traits to look out for in a prospective play partner early on. Well this is the opposite, Green Flags are the positive things to look out for.

“Porn This Way” – Rocco Steele

We’re getting wild with international adult entertainment superstar, Rocco Steele!

Unless you’ve been living under a Rocco… you’ll know Mr. Steele from his work in the gay adult entertainment industry over the past 5 years. As he embarks on a tour around Australia and New Zealand with Thick N Juicy Productions we grab him for a chat. We discuss his career beginnings, favourite scenes, what the tour will be like – and being an HIV-positive adult film star.

We discuss what lies ahead for the brand that is Rocco Steele – with producing and directing work, a line of toys, and his brand of men’s underwear 10Seven.

Pleasure Saucer #33, with Special Guest Little Mel

My guest on the show this time was Little Mel, of the No Boundaries podcast. Little Mel’s show specializes in “…. LGBTIAPQ, BDSM, body image, relationships, sex, self-esteem, rape culture, and women’s issues.” We had a pretty good conversation. I’ve had Mel on before, and it’s always a good time when she comes on.